Versatile Truck Bed Systems

 Nuclear Pharmaceudical Package for Chevy Venture


This is a nuclear pharmaceudical package developed for one of our clients.   The problems they presented to Tailgater were many.  1. They needed to carry lead-lined containers (22-28 pounds each) in a secure way that was also ergonomical feasible.  2. They had the need occassionally to carry certain boxes that needed some place to be stored, but they were not a frequently carried item.  3. The wished to use a passenger van to carry these items that had a less than commercial load capacity.  4. The need to have a place to carry syringe blood boxes in an upright fashion.  They wanted it to be able to be transfered in the event they had exterior damage.

Each drawer was capable of carrying five lead-lined containers.  This rear area cabinet has five slots capable of carrying lead lined containers, but two of the dividers are able to be moved to the side allowing their larger boxes on occassion to be carried when necessary.
This side drawer again has five slots for lead-lined containers, and the three-cell cabinet has removable dividers that can be moved aside to accomodate the larger boxes.  In all the cabinets, and the drawer units the lead-lined cases are protected in case of a roll over.
The syringe containment boxes (or blood containment boxes) are kept here, in special slots mounted to the interior racking.  In a van with access on both the driver and passenger side, there is the capability of carrying up to 4 of these and another three-cell upper cabinet on driver's side.

 Highway Patrol / Police Shell



Without imparing their visiblility or hindering operation, the stanchion trays securely house each their stanchions giving ready access.

The rear book shelf is again high enough that it does not impede visibility.  It acts furthermore as a mounting for their light-bar, which needs to be visible from their rear window.  Notice too, at the cab end, the sliding window for cab access.

Their need to have their light bar visible through the rear window, required a special size.  This is just another example of Tailgater's willingness to design around the customer's need.

6" High SecureLid


This is our 6" raised SecureLid, new from Tailgater.  Clients who are familiar with our SecureLid but had height limitations in the Pest Control and Cable/Satalite industries have requested a raised SecureLid specifically for the Mid-Size vehicles (eg. Colorado, Ranger, Tacoma, Dakota).  We did this prototype on a full-size Ram; because, well, frankly that is the vehicle we had.  We purposely did not reduce the height of the legs on the ladder rack for testing purposes, as it would provide "worste case scenario" for weight testing.  Ladder Racks on all sales models will have shorter legs, bringing the ladder down to an accessible height.   

The tailgate of the pickup truck acts to secure the tailgate door from opening.  The Tailgater, tailgate latch will provide security from unwanted access through the tailgate. This door raises to allow taller items to clear, and increase both space and visibility at the tailgate end. The tailgate door is designed, like all Tailgater products to be weather proof.  The inset seal keeps the cargo from exposure to water. 

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