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 PowerRack™ on a Van

Exclusive PowerRack™ technology lowers ladders at the touch of a button.

~ Most advanced ladder rack available; no handles, no reaching.
~ Electric motor lowers ladder to ergonomically correct walk-off position.
~ Ideal for today’s higher vehicles.
~ For use with extension ladders.
~ Complete installation instructions and hardware included.

One Touch lowers or raises the ladder. Operator controls the movement of the rack by using an easy to reach switch inside the rear of the van. For safety, motion stops when the switch is released.

Let PowerRack™ do the lifting. A single, smooth motion lowers and raises the ladder. Proven durability and dependability through thousands of cycles in all climate conditions. Uses reliable, automotive grade motor. Aluminum extrusions are maintance free; all other components are zinc plated and powder coated for maximum outdoor protection. For security, the ladder cannot be removed in the stored position on top of the van.


PowerRack™ can be configured to utilize a Masterack® locking ladder rack for lightweight stepladders and combination ladders.

As shown includes:
MR026943 Single PowerRack™
MR026025 Ladder Rack for Step/Combination ladders

Conduit Carrier Kit:
Includes Steel end caps with hinged opening door and brackets to mount carrier to PowerRack™.  Requires 4" dia. Schedule 40 PVC pipe (not included). 

Strobe Light & Mounting Base
Attaches to the crossbow raising strobe light for visibility.  12v stobelight mounts to universal base.

    Single PowerRack™                               Double PowerRack™

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