Versatile Truck Bed Systems

 Product Showcase: SecureShell

Available for Full-Size Vehicles with 8' beds
in 24" high shells. 
Available for Full-Size Vehicles with 8' beds
in 30" high shells. 
Shelving, drawer and cabinet systems are options and can be configured to users needs.  Modular design allows for racking and shelving to be easily installed.  Units mount only to shell, so no drilling to vehicle is necessary.  Complete package shown was securely installed with out drilling any holes into vehicle.  Shell is mounted with optional Pocket Lok system.  Shelving completely adjustable using only a single wrench.  Secure 3 point latching system used on all doors.
 Corner of Shell Aluminum construction is much lighter than a comparable top made
of steel or fiberglass, increasing carrying capacity over those units.

             Strong gas struts assist in opening and supporting doors for access to tools and equipment.
Strong Gas Struts






Shelf Packs available with dimpling system, as used in Tailgater van equipment. All shelving used is mounted from shell ceiling, avoiding the need for drilling into the truck bed.


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