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Tailgater's engineering staff will work with your personnel in solving the organizational issues you face.  Whether a service, installer, or maintenance vehicle,  Tailgater is constantly expanding its product line.  We have helped the alarm/security, cable, construction, electrical, gas, installer, maintenance, pest control, telecommunications and water industries to create a cost effective, long lasting, highly organized work truck that allows your technicians to save you money and improve efficiency.


The Tailgater Story

Tailgater is a light truck accessory manufacturer located on the central coast of California.  Founded in 1984, Tailgater began to provide an exciting alternative to long established designs in the truck equipment market.  Utilizing aluminum construction, Tailgater's truck products have maximum payload capacity, do not rust and are offered with a three year limited warranty against manufacturers defects, except for the handles, gas struts and electrical components, which carry a one year warranty.  Now, with products for pickups, vans and sport utilities, Tailgater continues with bolt-together assembly requiring no cutting or painting.  From the frigid cold of Alaska to the salt and humidity of Puerto Rico, Tailgater products can withstand the environment without cracking, peeling, sagging or rusting.  Tailgater products are built to last. 

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