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Nuclear Pharmaceutical Drawer Units, Cabinets, and Blood Containment Holders

Upper Cabinets

Desined to hold certain soft cases, with removeable dividers that can be quickly and easily moved aside.  This particular cabinet is able to accommodate the 26 lb soft cases and to keep them fully and securely contained, yet the light weight aluminum allows the customer to use a smaller vehicle, with a lower weight capacity.

The moveable dividers ensures that larger overpack boxes can be stored by simply moving the dividers aside.  The simple container bar in combination with the cabinet top prohibit any item from free movement even in the case of a rollover.

Drawer Units with Inserts


This drawer is version of our standard Two Drawer System, with a racking around to eliminate the threat of contaminants escaping in the event of a rollover.  The drawer insert means more versatility for the user.  In the event they decide to change carriage packs, or experience the need to carry larger items, the insert may be simply removed.  Instead of an entirely new purchase, a new insert may be ordered.  Again the light-weight aluminum means more of the weight capacity of the vehicle can be devoted to the items the customer needs to carry.

Blood Containment Holders

The Blood Containment Holders mount on the drawer racking system and simply provide easily accessible containment. 


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